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uSMSGadgets “NOW with FACEBOOK & TWITTER integration”, is a secure 128Bit Encrypted SMS texting and Remote Handset GPS Location reporting tool; to you or a remote phone.

Senders and Recipients of an encrypted text must have uSMSGadgets installed on Android handsets to decode the text message. Incoming texts are instantly decoded for viewing then optionally discarded and wiped from phone. Password protection to view the message is also an option.
If the phone is lost or stolen or the sim is removed the program will automatically send the GPS location of the phone and the new number to your chosen email address.

For those that wish to keep SMS messages stored off the mobile device an email option to forward all texts is included. The auto SMS delete option keeps your SMS inbox cleaned out too. The wife loves this feature to save all those sentimental texts from the kids.

Our FindMe APP is included and works by sending a text message from a remote phone to the handset containing a key word; IE. Findme or Hello. The handset auto responds by text message or email with it’s GPS location. The destination email must be set up in options. This feature is helpful to arrange meetings or just know where the mobile device is located. Ideal for recovering lost phones or finding your kids.

A full command set of requests can be SMS’d to the mobile device with uSMS Gadgets installed to retrieve contacts information contained in the handset phone book.

LOCATION – request locationCONTACTBYPHONE <phone_number_of_contact_you_want_info_on>CONTACTBYNAME <name_of_contact_you_want_info_on>PASSWORD

- this will send your password to the phone number specified in the settings as well as an email to your email account.

Remote access to execute these command must be configured in the whitelist under options of phone numbers that are allowed to request information to protect your family privacy.

If you loose your phone and dont want anyone to read your personal text messages you can send a command from any Mobile device to delete all your text messages. The following needs your password added to the front of the message…

<password> DELETEALLSMS<password> DELETESMSBYPHONE <phone_number_of_sms_to_delete>

The remote commands will only work if you have added phone numbers to the whitelist in options. This can be done by entering the number directly or sending an invte via text messaging which the user must accept. Facebook and Twitter are accessed by a push and hold on menu item. This is handy if you are at an event and want to post where you are quickly. Helps friend actually find you if you get lost.
This is the Ultimate Big Brother Spy Tools Application and can be used to monitor your Phone, Children, Seniors or a Mobile Workforce. Launch on startup selectable access password protected.

Customization is available. Contact or 1-866-593-3888 to discuss how we can add your LOGO to our countless mobile applications to make them yours. Created by uWho®A Software Development Partner To Bring Your Digital Visions To Life.


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